Performing an advanced search 

Perform an advanced search to search multiple fields and return results from all the applications in IBM Connections. You can perform an advanced search from any of the applications.

Before you begin

For information about the search operators that you can use when performing an advanced search, see Advanced search options.

Click here to view a demo video showing how to perform an advanced search.

About this task

An advanced search allows you to search across all the applications to find the information that you need. For example, searching on the keyword "project" across all the applications returns a list of results with the word "project" in the title, description, tags, or content. The information returned can include content from any of the applications included in your installation of IBM Connections, for example, bookmarks, activities, blogs, communities, files, forums, people, and wikis.

You can select to limit your search to one or more applications if you want to narrow your results to content from specific areas. For example, a search for the keyword "project" that is limited to the Activities application only returns entries from Activities with the word "project" in the title, description, tags, or content. You can further narrow your search results by selecting to search your own content only. For example, searching the Communities application when Search MY content is selected searches only the communities that you own and the communities to which you belong.

When searching for a phrase, enclose the phrase in double quotation marks ("); single word search terms do not need to be enclosed in quotation marks.

Note: Users who are marked as inactive in your company directory are excluded from search results by default. To include inactive users in your search results, you need to perform a search from the Profiles application. For more information, see Search your company directory.


To perform an advanced search...

  1. Click the Down Arrow next to the Search field and select Advanced.

  2. Select the applications that you want to search.

      All the applications are selected by default.

  3. Define the scope of your search by selecting one of the following:

    • Search ALL content. Select this option to search all public content and content to which you have access.

    • Search MY content. Select this option to search only the content relating to you.

  4. Enter one or more keywords in the Keywords field.

  5. Enter a tag in the Tags field.

      The tag that you enter in this field must be an exact match for the tag that you are searching for; wildcard characters, such as an asterisk (*), question mark (?), or exclamation point (!) are not supported.

  6. Type a name in the Person field to find content associated with the specified person.

      You must wait for type-ahead to display the name that you want and then select the name before you can submit your search. Note that the names of inactive users are excluded from the search results.

  7. Enter a title or file name in the Title or File Name field to retrieve entries with the specified title or files with the specified name.

  8. Click Search.

What to do next

Filter the results that display on the Search Results page to find the information that is relevant to you. For more information, see Work with search results.

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