Performing a quick search 

Use the search control at the top of any page in Profiles for quick searches.

About this task

A quick search searches against a single field in the profiles directory.


To run a quick search...

  1. Click the Down arrow next to the Search field in the navigation bar and select one of the following options.

      Table 1. Profiles search options
      Option Select this option to
      Profiles by Name Find someone by searching for their name. Enter a given name followed by a family name.

      Note: This option is the default search setting.

      Profiles by Keyword Search for someone based on a keyword. This searches profiles and all their associated content, for example, the work experience and background information in a profile.

  2. Enter a name or keyword to search for in the text field. Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character.

  3. Click the search icon. Search icon

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