Moderating the content in a community 

When moderation is enabled for the Blogs, Forums, and Files applications, global moderators or community moderators can review community blog, forum, and file content before it is posted to a community, and manage content after it is added to a community.

If premoderation is enabled for your deployment, when users contribute the following types of content to a community, that content does not display until it is approved by the global moderator or a community moderator:

When postmoderation is enabled, the global moderator or community moderator can review community content that has been flagged as inappropriate and the reason given for flagging it. They can then determine whether the content should be removed or the flag dismissed.

As administrator, you can enable moderation for communities in the contentreview-config.xml. For more information about how to configure moderation settings, see Manage content moderation and flagged content.

When moderation is enabled, the following users can review and manage community content:

Global moderators

Community moderators

In addition to the global moderation interface and the communities moderation interface, public moderation APIs are available to allow third-party developers to moderate community forum content and community file content. For more information, see Moderating forum content programmatically and Moderating community files and comments programmatically.

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