Moderating Blog comments 

Configure content moderation to enforce it at the site level, or leave it as an option for blog owners.

About this task

There are three ways to enable comment moderation.

If you are enforcing comment moderation, follow the steps in the topic Specify an administrator email address for Blogs notification to edit configuration property settings to change the administrator email address. Moderated comment notifications will be addressed from this email address. By default, notifications are sent from a generic email address, such as Edit the property to change this to a legitimate administrator email address that has access rights to send mail.

Follow these steps to enforce comment moderation at the site level.


  1. Login as Site Administrator and go to the Administration tab.

  2. In the Comment and Trackback Settings section of the Configuration page, check Require comment moderation for all blogs.

  3. Click Save.

      No restart is required.

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Moderating blog content

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