Media gallery events-config.xml properties 

The events-config.xml configuration file contains the J2C alias that media galleries use to generate preview images, a required CMIS local namespace, and the height and width properties of the different images that display for each file in a media gallery.

<postHandler enabled="true" invoke="ASYNC" name="PhotoRenditionEventHandler" class=""> 
<subscription source="FILES" type="CREATE" eventName="*"/> 
<subscription source="FILES" type="UPDATE" eventName="*"/> 
<property name="j2calias">connectionsAdmin</property> 
<property name="cmislocalnamespace"></property>
<property name="thumbnailformat">JPG</property> <!-- JPG or PNG supported -PNG is required for transparency support -->
<property name="thumbnailviewwidth">78</property> 
<property name="thumbnailviewheight">78</property> 
<property name="galleryviewwidth">120</property> 
<property name="galleryviewheight">120</property> 
<property name="detailviewwidth">450</property> 
<property name="detailviewheight">450</property> 

You can edit the j2calias value if you want to change the alias that media galleries use, but the new alias must be a valid user in your organization, and have an administrator role on the Files application. Do not change the cmislocalnamespace value. For the thumbnailformat value, JPG and PNG are supported, but PNG is required for preserving the transparent areas of the image. For information on editing width and height values see the topic Change media gallery photo sizes.

The events-config.xml file is not checked out as part of the wsadmin check out command used to access the other core configuration files. You must retrieve the file from the file system on the system hosting the deployment manager. Perform the following steps to access the file:

  1. Go to the following directory on the system hosting the deployment manager:


      For example:


  2. Make a backup copy of the events-config.xml file in case you need to revert back to it.

  3. Open the events-config.xml file in a text editor.

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