Marking an entry private 

You can mark an entry private if you want to save it to an activity, but do not want to share it with other members. You can mark an entry private when you first post it, or by editing it later.

Before you begin

Only the creator of the entry can mark the entry private.

About this task

By default, when you post an entry to an activity, every member of the activity can read it. Marking an entry private lets you maintain a private work space within an activity. For example, you can mark a draft of an entry private until you are ready to share it. You can also mark an entry private if the information is not relevant to other members.

To mark an entry private...


  1. Open the activity, find the entry that you want to mark private, and then click Edit.

      Note: If you cannot see the Edit link, your view may be collapsed. Click the entry title to expand the entry. Only an owner of the activity or the person who created the entry can see the Edit link.

  2. Select Mark this entry private, and then click Save.

      Note: Only the person who created the entry can see the Mark this entry private check box.

      After you save the entry, other members are unable to see it when they open the activity. You can determine which entries are private because they are prefixed with the term [Private].

What to do next

You can later share the entry with other members by editing the entry again, and clearing Mark this entry private.

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