Manage people in your network 

Add people to your IBM Connections network or remove them from your network from your Outlook client.

About this task

As you are working in Outlook, you may interact with people you would like to include in your IBM Connections network.


  1. Add people to your network in the following ways:

    Option Description
    From the business card If you view the business card of a contact who is a colleague in your IBM Connections deployment, click the Invite to Network button to send them a request to join your network.
    From an Outlook view Right-click the sender's name and choose Connections -> Invite Sender to My Network to send a request.
    From a profile photo, or from a name in To, Cc, or Bcc fields of a mail message Right-click the photo or name and choose Connections -> Invite to My Network.

      Note: If a person is not a Connections member, a notification will inform you that you cannot add or remove them from your network.

  2. Add an optional message with your invitation.

  3. Click Also Follow (Receive Updates) if you want updates from this person to display in your update list on your IBM Connections home page.

  4. If the person is already in your Connections network, Remove from My Network will display instead of an invitation. Click to remove the person from your network.

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