Manage an Ideation Blog 

Manage your Ideation Blog to effectively control idea creation and voting.

Before you begin

An Ideation Blog must be created within a community. Membership is restricted to the community membership. You must be an owner of an Ideation Blog to manage it.


  1. To freeze the creation of new ideas for the Ideation Blog, click Ideation Blog Actions -> Stop Idea Creation.

      Users will no longer be allowed to contribute ideas but they can still vote for and comment on existing ideas in the blog.

  2. To completely freeze the Ideation Blog, click Ideation Blog Actions -> Freeze Ideation Blog

      Users will not be able to contribute new ideas or vote for or comment on existing ideas.

  3. To manage settings for the Ideation Blog, click Ideation Blog Actions -> Manage Ideation Blog.

      In addition to managing the settings that are common for all blogs, you can also control voting:

      • Choose Unlimited Voting to allow members to vote as many times as they like.

      • Chose Set a voting limit to restrict the number of votes each member can cast to the number you specify.

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What is an Ideation Blog?

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