Link field 

Defines how to specify a link field in an activity entry.

To specify a link field, the type attribute of the <snx:field> element must be set to link. For example:


An <snx:field> element of type="link" must contain an Atom <link> element as its child element.

Table 1. Child element of the <snx:field type="link"> element

Element How treated on input Description
<link> Required The href attribute of the <link> element specifies the URI from which a resource, such as a web address, can be accessed. The title attribute of the <link> element specifies the content of the Bookmark title field.

The <link> element is in the Atom namespace.


<snx:field name="ibmhomepage" fid="1DAG09219C7310DD5199A4DFF2D597000017" position="2000" type="link"> <link href="" title="IBM website" /> </snx:field>

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