Learning more about your contacts 

Use the Profiles business card to find out more about the people in your Sametime Contacts list.

About this task

The Profiles business card provides the basic information you would expect to find on a business card. It also includes links to any of the IBM Connections features that are implemented for your organization. One of the links is a Profiles link, which you can click to open the person's profile in IBM Connections. The profile provides more information, including details about current and past work projects and organizational chart information.

To view a person's business card...


  1. Open the Sametime Contacts list.

  2. Hover over a person's name in the list to see their business card.

      If business card does not display or if the IBM Connections links do not display on the business card, make sure you have properly specified the Connections server in the IBM Connections Preferences page and that the person has created a profile in IBM Connections.

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