Install fixes as a non-root user 

Grant permissions to a non-root user to install fixes.

Before you begin

This task applies only to IBM Connections deployments on AIX or Linux .

About this task

By default, only root users have the necessary permissions to install fixes for an IBM Connections deployment. You can permit non-root users to install fixes by changing their permissions to access certain data directories.

To grant the necessary permissions to a non-root user...


  1. Create a non-root user.

  2. Create a home directory for the new non-root user.

  3. Open a command prompt and grant the appropriate permissions to the non-root user by running the commands shown in the following table:

      Table 1. Non-root user permissions
      Directory Permissions Command
      app_server_root RWX chown -R <non-root_user> <app_server_root>
      lotus_connections_root RWX chown -R <non-root_user> <lotus_connections_root>
      data_directory_root RWX chown -R <non-root_user> <data_directory_root>
      <path>/tmp/ptfs RWX chown -R <non-root_user> tmp/ptfs
      <path>/tmp/efixes RWX chown -R <non-root_user> tmp/efixes

      where <non-root_user> is the account ID of the new non-root user and <path> is the path to the ptfs or efixes directory.


      • The execute permission that you grant for the <data_directory_root> directory is intended specifically for the search/dcs/stellent directory.

      • The /tmp/ptfs directory stores files for fix packs and the /tmp/efixes directory stores files for interim fixes.

      • Check if the /tmp/efixes and /tmp/ptfs directories already exist before running the chown command. The update installer creates these directories but they will not already exist if you or other users have not yet installed any fixes.


When you have granted the necessary permissions, the non-root user can install interim fixes and fix packs.

Note: If different non-root users intend to install fixes, first delete any files that might remain in the download directories since you installed earlier fixes.


Grant permissions to a new non-root user who wants to install a fix pack for an IBM Connections deployment on Linux:

  1. Create a non-root user account called fix_installer.

  2. Create a home directory for the fix_installer user account.

  3. Open a command prompt and run the following commands:

    1. chown -R fix_installer /opt/IBM

        Note: In this example, the opt/IBM directory contains both the <app_server_root> and <lotus_connections_root> directories.

    2. chown -R fix_installer /usr/IBM

        Note: If the /usr/IBM directory does not exist, create it.

    3. chown -R fix_installer /tmp/ptfs

        Note: If the /tmp/ptfs directory does not exist, create it.

  4. Advise the new non-root user to log in and then download and install the latest fixes for IBM Connections.

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