Install IBM WAS 

Install IBM WAS Network Deployment.

Before you begin

WAS Network Deployment is provided with IBM Connections to support network deployments of IBM Connections.

If you are migrating from IBM Connections version 2.5, uninstall the 6.1 version of WAS.

To establish a Network Deployment environment with one dmgr and one or several managed nodes, use the following table to determine the installation option that you should choose when installing WAS on target systems:

Table 1. WAS Network Deployment options

IBM Connections deployment WAS Network Deployment option
dmgr and one node on the same system Cell
dmgr and nodes on separate systems

  1. dmgr on the system hosting the DM

  2. Application Server on each system that hosts a node.

Note: The IBM Connections installation wizard creates server instances that require each node to have an application server. Therefore, choose either one of these two options when installing WAS to ensure that each node has an application server.

Install the DM and at least one node.

You can deploy one node on the same system as the DM but use separate systems for all other nodes in a cluster.

About this task

To install and configure WAS Network Deployment, complete the following tasks:


  1. Install WAS Network Deployment.

      For more information, go to the WAS 7.0 information center.

      Note: Enable security when the installation wizard requests it. The administrative user ID that you create must be unique and must not exist in the LDAP repository that you plan to federate.

  2. Apply the available fix packs.

      See the IBM Connections system requirements topic for details.

  3. Configure WAS to communicate with the LDAP directory. For more information, see the Setting up federated repositories topic.

      Note: Perform this step on the dmgr Integrated Solutions Console.

  4. Configure Application Security after you have completely installed WAS Network Deployment. For more information, see the Securing IBM Connections topic. For an overview of application server security, go to the Security topic in the WAS information center.

      Note: Perform this step on the dmgr Integrated Solutions Console.

  5. Optional: Add further nodes, if required, to the cell. Complete the following steps for each node that you want to add to the cell:

    1. Open a command prompt and change to the app_server_root/profiles/profile>/bin directory, where <profile> is the name of the WAS installation on the node.

    2. Enter the following command:|bat <DM_host> <DM_SoapPort> -username <AdminUserId> -password <AdminPwd>


        • <DM_host> is the host name of the dmgr

        • <DM_SoapPort> is the SOAP port number of the dmgr

        • <AdminUserId> is the user ID for the dmgr

        • <AdminPwd> is the password for the dmgr

    3. Repeat this step for each additional node that your want to add to the cell.

    4. Synchronize all the nodes.

      Note: You can also add nodes after you have deployed IBM Connections. For more information, see the Add a node to a cluster topic.

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