IBM Lotus Quickr Library widgets for IBM Connections 

IBM Connections communities can interact with IBM Lotus Quickr libraries using two new widgets.

A "Linked Quickr Library" widget surfaces an existing Lotus Quickr library. Members of the community can read and manage library documents based on their roles in the Lotus Quickr place that contains the library. An administrator or user with a Manager role in the place must add community members as place members before the members can access the library. Membership changes are not synchronized between the community and place, an administrator must update both.

A "Quickr Library" widget creates a new Lotus Quickr place with a library, and surfaces that library in the community. When the place is created, community members are synchronized to Lotus Quickr and made place members. Any membership changes in the community are synchronized to the place. But membership changes in the place are not synchronized to the community. For example, if you add a member to the community, that change is synchronized and they are added to the place. But adding a user to the place will not add them to the community. When the community is deleted, the place and library are deleted.

A community can only have one of each widget.

Download the widgets from the IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog. See the following topics for help adding the widgets to a community:

See the following topics for steps required to configure your environment, steps for installing and configuring the widgets, and steps for uninstalling the widgets:

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