IBM Connections SPIs 

IBM Connections provides Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs) that enable third parties to integrate services and function into the IBM Connections product. Unlike the Atom-based APIs, SPIs are typically Java-based and require some deployment and configuration before they can be used.

SPIs are lower-level programming interfaces which may be subject to modification from release to release. Changes to your application may be required to maintain equivalent functionality when integrating with a future release.

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Submitted by Michelle Mahoney on Jun 3, 2011 10:50:03 AM

Re: IBM Connections SPIs: ic301

The JAR file that contains the User and Service SPIs is called lc.spi.jar and is stored in the EAR file in the root installation directory of the following IBM Connections applications: Activities, Blogs, Communities, Bookmarks, Files, Forums, News, and Wikis. The file contains the Events SPI.

Submitted by Ger J Reznam on May 18, 2011 7:55:48 AM

Re: IBM Connections SPIs: ic301

Where is the missing jar file(s) that contains:***

Should provide a link to the jar or instructions on where to get it.