How do I work with versions? 

From the document summary you can restore and download versions of a document, view the change summary of a version (with some ECM repositories), and create a new version of a document.

About this task

Versioning can work differently depending on your ECM server. Some ECM servers only support automatic versioning, so that might be the only option. Other ECM servers support three levels of versioning: automatic, manual, and none. Automatic versioning will create a version every time you edit a document. Manual versioning allows you to choose when you want to create a version. If versioning is set to none, then you are unable to create versions. The version level is associated with the Document Type, so different documents can have different version requirements. The ECM administrator controls the version level.


Perform these steps to work with document versions:

  1. Click a document to open the document summary.

  2. Click Versions to display a list of available versions and view the change summary.

  3. To restore a previous version, click Restore next to the version you want to restore. Enter a reason for restoring the version in the Change summary field, if it is available.

  4. To download a previous version, click Download next to the version you want to download.

  5. To create a new version of the document click Create a new version. If prompted, enter a reason for creating the new version in the Change summary field. This option is only available with document types that use manual versioning.

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