How do I show files and folders in a custom library? 

Edit the custom library widget to create a connection to an ECM server, and then specify a sort order and column to specify how documents display.

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Perform these steps to show files and folders:

  1. In the widget, click the Actions icon Actions icon and select Edit. and select Edit.

  2. In the Server field, type the URL address of the ECM server, including a protocol and port number as necessary, for example http://my.ecm.server:80.

  3. Perform one of the following steps:

    • Check Log in with my current credentials. If the environment uses single-sign on, you will be logged in with your IBM Connections user name and password. If the environment does not use single-sign on, you are prompted for the name and password of a user with access to the ECM server.

    • Uncheck Log in with my current credentials. Type the user name and password of a user with access to the ECM server.

  4. Click Log In.

  5. Select a library or folder from the list to show in the custom library. You can change this selection later.

  6. Optional: Click the Customize tab.

  7. Optional: Select a column and sort order. Columns and sort order options are specified on the ECM server. Your selection determines how the folders and files are sorted in the custom library.

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