How do I manage wiki members and access? 

When you create a wiki, you are its owner. You can control who can read, edit, and manage the wiki as an Owner.

Before you begin

Make sure you are an owner of the wiki.

Note: Membership and access to community wikis is managed in the community. There is a direct mapping between membership roles in the community and the wiki. Community owners can edit wiki settings and delete the wiki. Community members can create and edit pages in the wiki. Users who are not members of the community can only read the wiki content. See the Communities wiki help for more information.


  1. Open the wiki.

  2. In the navigation box click Members and then do any of the following:
    Option Description
    To see members listed by role Expand the Roles section and click Reader, Editor, or Owner.
    To see members listed by kind Expand the Kind section and click Person or Group.
    To add new members

    1. Click Add Members.

    2. Select a role.

    3. Start typing a name, and then select the person.

    4. Click Add group to add a group.

    5. Start typing a name, and then select the group.

    6. Click OK.

    To remove members

    1. Check boxes beside members.

    2. Click Remove Members.

    To manage access

    1. Click Manage access.

    2. Below Read access select one of the following:

      • All users: Everyone can read the wiki, including people who have not logged in.

      • Wiki member only: Only people you make members can read the wiki.

    3. Below Edit access select one of the following:

      • All logged in users: Everyone who logs in can edit the wiki.

      • Wiki editors and managers only: Only people you have granted editor or manager access.

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