How do I enable the mobile version? 

Configure support for the mobile version of IBM Connections to help employees perform key tasks using mobile devices.

Before you begin

Establish how mobile users will remotely and securely connect into your enterprise for IBM Connections mobile access from a device. Access from mobile devices may include use of enterprise secured or public wifi, or over a variety of private or public wireless networks.

If your enterprise requires the use of a VPN for mobile device remote access, Lotus Mobile Connect is a recommended option:
If you are using signer certificates that are not already trusted by the web browser, install the SSL signer (trust) certificate on the mobile device. Standard certificate authorities, such as VeriSign, for example, are trusted by most web browsers, so you would not need to perform this step if you are using a certificate from a standard certificate authority. To install the SSL signer certificate on the mobile device, complete the following step:

When you use the wizard to install IBM Connections, select the Mobile check box.

Note: If you already installed IBM Connections, but did not select the Mobile application at the time, you can rerun the installation wizard and select the Mobile application to install it now.


The mobile package is installed on the application server as a separate EAR file. It has no associated database or content store, but retrieves data from the other applications as required.

What to do next

Instruct your users that they can access the mobile version of IBM Connections by completing the following steps:

  1. Log in to your intranet from the mobile device.

  2. Go to the following web address:


      where the <hostname> is the same server host name from which users access the IBM Connections applications in a standard web browser.

Alternatively, starting with IBM Connections 3.0.1 July 2011 Mobile release, users of the following devices can access IBM Connections using a native application available from the app store or market for the device:

Videos with an extension of 3GP that are uploaded to the media gallery of a community cannot be viewed unless an administrator first edits the mime-files-config.xml configuration file. If you want to support 3GP videos in the media gallery, add the following mapping to the configuration file:

<mapping mediaType="video" mimeType="video/3gpp">        

See Configure MIME types for Files for details about the steps perform to edit the configuration file.

Note: You cannot currently play videos in the media gallery of a community from BlackBerry devices.

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