How do I edit other people's pages? 

You must have at least Editor access to the wiki to edit other people's pages. If you only have Reader access you can ask the owner or a member with Owner access to give you Editor access.

To edit pages, open the page and click Edit. Edit the content in the Rich Text tab, HTML Source tab, or Wiki Text tab. The rich-text editor is straightforward, what you see is what you get. You must know HTML to use the HTML editor. The wiki text editor uses standard wiki syntax called WikiCreole. See the Wiki markup guide in the Wiki Text tab for supported syntax.


After you edit a page and save it, your changes are saved as a version of the page. To see versions of a page, open the page and click Versions at the bottom.

Note: Membership and access to community wikis is managed in the community. There is a direct mapping between membership roles in the community and the wiki. Community owners can edit wiki settings and delete the wiki. Community members can create and edit pages in the wiki. Users who are not members of the community can only read the wiki content. See the Communities wiki help for more information.

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