How do I create folders? 

Folders contain files. Folders can be private, shared, or public.

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  1. Click New Folder.

  2. Type a name for the folder.

  3. Optional: Type a description.

  4. Select any of the following options:

    • Select No one (private) to make the folder private. Only the owner can see and edit it.

    • Select People/Groups (give specific permissions to others) to share the file with specific people. Perform these steps:

      1. Select a Person or a Group.

      2. Assign an access level (shared access levels are described above).

      3. Start typing a name or email address, then select that name or address when it displays.

      4. Click Everyone can contribute to this folder to make the folder public and allow all logged-in users to add files to it.

    • Select Public (visible to everyone) to make the file visible to everyone, even people who have not logged in.

        Note: An administrator can configure the system so that everyone must log in, or only a certain group of people can log in. In this case public files are only available to users who are able to log in.

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