How do I add new documents? 

Use custom libraries to copy documents from your computer onto the ECM server. To add documents, the custom library must be part of a public community or be a community member.


Perform these steps to add new documents:

  1. Open the library and folder you want to upload the document to.

  2. Click Upload a File.

  3. In the File field click Browse and select your file.

  4. Optional: Edit the file name, and type a title and description.

  5. Optional: In the Document type section click Change to change the document type. The default document type is the document type of the current folder. The selection of document types is specified on the ECM server. See Document types for more information on document types.

  6. Optional: Select Show only required fields to display only required fields in the document type section.

  7. Optional: Select Show inline help text to display inline help text for fields in the document type section. Inline help provides information on how to fill in fields.

  8. Fill in at least the required fields for the document type. Required fields are marked with an asterisk, for example: *Sales Date.

  9. Perform one of the following steps:

    • Click Check In to upload the file and make it available to library users.

    • Click Save as Draft to upload the file as a draft. Only you can see and work with your drafts. To check in a draft, open the file page and click Check In.

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