How do I add my own files? 

To add files you upload them from your computer.

About this task

Your administrator determines who can upload files, so you might not be able to do this.

Your administrator limits the amount of space that you have for storing files. When you reach that limit you cannot add anything new to Files. Stored files include all versions of uploaded files. The amount of space you have used is displayed in the My Files view, at the bottom of the list of files. You can delete old versions of your files to create space.

You can upload any type of file that your administrator has allowed. Most commonly used file types display in Files with a unique icon, but not all.


  1. Click Upload a File.

  2. In the File field type the file path or browse for the file. Files must be smaller than 2,048 megabytes.

  3. In the Name field type a file name if browsing does not add one. Or change the name of the file.

  4. Optional: Type tags, separated by a space.

  5. Select any of the following choices:
    Option Description
    No one (private) Make the file private. Only the owner can see and edit it.
    People/Communities (give specific file permissions to others) Share the file with specific people or a community. Perform these steps:

    1. Select a Person or a Community.

    2. Select the as Reader or as Editor access level:

      • Readers can read, comment on, download, and recommend a file. They can add files to folders to which they have Contributor access, be notified of changes to the file, and share the file with other people.

      • Editors can read, edit, comment on, download, recommend, upload a new version, and set properties on the file. They can add files to folders to which they have Contributor access, be notified of changes to the file, and share it with other people.

    3. Perform one of the following tasks:

      • To share with people, click in the field to display the names of people you have recently shared files with. If the person you are looking for is displayed, select them. If they are not displayed, type a name or email address, and then select the person. If the name you want does not display, click Person not list? Use full search... to search for them.

      • To share with a community, start typing the name of the community, and then select the community when it displays.

          Note: When you share a file with a public community the file becomes public.

    4. Uncheck Allow others to share this file to prevent people you share the file with from sharing with new people.

    5. Add an optional message for people with whom you have shared the file.

    Public (visible to everyone) Make the file visible to everyone, even people who have not logged in.

    Note: An administrator can configure the system so that everyone must log in, or only a certain group of people can log in. In this case public files are only available to users who are able to log in.

  6. Click Upload.

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