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For additional information, review the About page by clicking the About link from the product footer. Click the Question mark icon used in the product to display pop-up help icons in the Home page application to get help on a particular feature or click here to view a demo video.
Introducing the Home page

Welcome to the Home page

What's new in the Home page?

Frequently asked questions about the Home page

Subscribing to a feed

Adding content to the Home page

What are widgets?

How do I add widgets?

Manage Home page widgets

The Updates tab

Use the Updates tab

Update your status message from the Home page

Checking status updates

Saving updates for later

Follow tags

The Widgets tab

Use the Widgets tab

Select a page layout

Working with suggested content

Use the Recommendations widget on the Home page

Using Activities widgets

The Activities widget

The My Activities widget

The Public Activities widget

The My To-Do List widget

Use the Blogs widget

The Blogs widget

Using Bookmarks widgets

The Bookmarks widget

The Recent Bookmarks widget

The Popular Bookmarks widget

The My Watchlist widget

The My Bookmarks widget

Using Communities widgets

The Communities widget

The My Communities widget

The Public Communities widget

Using Files widgets

The My Files widget

The Files Shared with Me widget

Using Profiles widgets

The Profiles widget

The My Profile widget

The My Network widget

Using Wiki widgets

The My Wikis widget

The Latest Wikis widget

The Popular Wikis widget

This help system is Built on Eclipse ( http://www.eclipse.org ).

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