Home page accessibility features 

Use the keyboard shortcuts available for the Home page to navigate the Updates and the Widgets tabs.

In Microsoft™ Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, press Alt+Shift to activate the access key. For example, pressing Alt+key+S skips the focus to the main area of the page. Then, any relevant element of the page can be accessed by pressing Tab as many times you need to reach the element that you want to access.

The keyboard navigation can be enhanced with additional software, such as the JAWS 11 screen reader.

If you are using JAWS and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or a later version, you can skip to different locations on the Updates or Widgets tabs by using Ctrl+Insert+Semicolon to access the ARIA landmarks provided.

Keyboard navigation for the Updates and Widgets tabs

Table 1. Keyboard shortcuts for navigating the Updates and Widgets tabs
Action Keyboard shortcut
Close pop-up window (the focus must be on the window). Esc
Open menu (the focus must be on the menu). Enter
Close menu (the focus must be on the menu). Esc
Move up through menu options. Up Arrow
Move down through menu options. Down Arrow
Select a menu option (the focus must be on the menu option). Enter

For the calendar items in the Activities widget, the mechanism and keys are the same as for the drop-down menus. However, when a date has multiple entries associated with it, after pressing Enter to open the pop-up window for the date, you use the Tab key, rather than the arrow keys, to navigate through the items in the window.

To display the Profiles business card anywhere in the Home page application, move the focus to the user name, and then press Ctrl+Enter to display the card.