Get the history of a flagged blog comment 

Get a feed that lists a history of the flags raised on a given blog comment.

The user authenticating the request must be the moderator of the Blogs application.

Table 1. Atom API request details

Resource Description
From the Flagged Comments feed, use the web address in the href attribute of the <link> element with the rel="" attribute for the entry representing the flagged comment. A feed that lists the reports associated with the specified comment.

You can use one or more of the input parameters to limit the number of posts returned in the feed. Separate multiple parameters with an ampersand (&).

Table 2. Input parameters

Parameter Description
filter Value with which to filter the returned entries. Options are:

    Any flag record, dismissed or not.


    Only flag records that have been dismissed.


    Only flag records that have not been dismissed.

The default value for this parameter is flagIsRaised.

page Page number. Specifies the page to be returned. The first page is page 0.
ps Page size. Specifies the number of entries to return per page. The default is 25.
sortBy Species what value to use as the basis for organizing the entries returned in the feed. Option is:

    Orders the returned entries by the date on which the flag was created.

sortOrder Specifies how to organize the entries returned in the feed. Options are:

    Ascending order


    Descending order


An Atom feed containing the reports associated with the specified comment.

Parent topic

Manage flagged Blogs content