Get a list of the members of a community 

Retrieve the members feed to view a list of the members who belong to a given community.

Table 1. Atom API request details

Resource Description
Web address in the href attribute of the <link> element that has a rel="" attribute value in the entry document of the community. A feed of members.

Use one or more of the input parameters to narrow the search. Separate multiple parameters with an ampersand (&).

Table 2. Input parameters

Parameter Description
asc Specifies whether the results should be displayed in ascending order. Options are true or false.
email Internet email address. Returns only the person with the specified email address.

Format the HTTP request using the proper URL encoding. For example, the encoded form of the @ symbol is %40 as in:

Note: Do not use this parameter if IBM Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed. Use the userid parameter instead.
This parameter is ignored if the userid parameter is provided.

page Page number. This feed only returns a single page. Use the ps parameter to increase the number of entries to include in the page. The default value is 1.
ps Page size. Specify the number of entries to return per page.
role Returns only those people in the specified role. The options are:

  • all

  • member

  • owner

The default value for this parameter is all.

since Includes in the resulting feed all communities updated after a specified date. Specify the date using a date-time value that conforms to RFC3339. Use an upper case "T" to separate the date and time, and an uppercase "Z" in the absence of a numeric time zone offset. For example: 2009-01-04T20:32:31.171Z.
sortField Order in which to sort the results. Options are:

  • created: Sorts the results by the date on which the member was added to the community.

  • name: Sorts the results by entry name.

userid Unique ID that represents a specific person. Returns only the person specified by ID.

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