Get a list of bookmark tags 

Retrieves a list of bookmark tags that match a specific search criteria. The list is returned in an Atom publishing protocol category document or as a plain text listing.

Table 1. Atom API request details

Resource Description
/tags Retrieves tags assigned to bookmarks. You can specify search criteria to use to filter the tags. If no search parameters are specified, only the most recently used tags are returned.

This API is designed to support the display of a tag cloud, so it only returns the top 80 tags. To display fewer tags in the cloud, and limit them to a subset of tags that you are interested in, specify one or more of the following input parameters. Separate multiple parameters with an ampersand (&).

Table 2. Input parameters

Parameter Description
access Filters the tags returned based on whether the associated bookmark is private or public. Options are:

    Returns all tags only if the request is made over secure http (https). If the request is made over http, only public tags are returned. This value is the default value.


    Only returns the tags associated with private bookmarks. Private bookmarks can only be accessed by their owner, and only if the owner is authenticated.


    Only returns the tags associated with public bookmarks.

base Returns only tags for bookmarks to pages hosted by a given web site. For example, to retrieve only bookmarks to pages on the web site, specify ""
email Internet email address. Returns tags assigned to bookmarks created by the user specified by the email address.

Format the HTTP request using the proper URL encoding. For example, the encoded form of the @ symbol is %40 as in:

Note: Do not use this parameter if IBM Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed. Use the userid parameter instead.

format Output format of the returned tags. Options are:

    Returns the tags in an Atom document. This value is the default value.


    Returns the tags in a HTML-formatted list.


    Returns a text listing of the tags.

network Filters the tags returned based on the network that the bookmark to which the tags are assigned is available from. Options are:

    Returns the tags for all bookmarks. This value is the default value.


    Only returns the tags for bookmarks that link to Internet resources, which are visible outside the intranet firewall.


    Only returns the tags for bookmarks that link to resources available on the corporate intranet, that is, resources that are not externally visible.

since Includes in the resulting feed all bookmark tags updated after a specified date. Specify the date using a date-time value that conforms to RFC3339. Use an upper case "T" to separate the date and time, and an uppercase "Z" in the absence of a numeric time zone offset. For example: 2009-01-04T20:32:31.171Z.
tag Returns only the set of tags assigned to bookmarks containing all of the tags passed in to the request. Separate multiple tags with a space or comma. If you use a space, URL-encode the space using %20.
url A well-formed web address. Returns tags on bookmarks for the given web address. When you use this parameter, all other search parameters are ignored.
userid Unique ID that represents a specific person.


To retrieve a list of all the tags assigned to bookmarks created by the user with the user ID 937965j0-4f0c-1028-5a06-db08213b51b2, send the following HTTP request:

GET /dogear/tags?userid=937965j0-4f0c-1028-5a06-db08213b51b2 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic ...
Accept: */*

The following content is returned by the server:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<app:categories  xmlns:app="" xmlns="
2005/Atom" xmlns:snx="" fixed="no">
   <category term="mlb" snx:frequency="9" />
   <category term="onlinenews" snx:frequency="10" />
   <category term="pen07l" snx:frequency="2" />
   <category term="publicnews" snx:frequency="4" />
   <category term="technews" snx:frequency="1" />
   <category term="ws07" snx:frequency="2" />

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