Get a feed of News Feed updates 

Get a feed that lists the updates from content that the currently authenticated user is following and responses to content that the person has posted. This feed returns the same information available from the News Feed view in the Home Page application user interface. The most recent updates are listed first in the resulting feed.

Table 1. Atom API request details




    Gets a feed of the updates from content that the authenticated user is following as well as responses to content that the person has posted.

Table 2. Parameters





    Unique ID of one of the following items:

    • An activity in the Activities application

    • A blog in the Blogs application

    • A person's bookmark collection in the Bookmarks application

    • A community in the Communities application

    • In the Files application, a library, which represents a person's files or a community's files, or a folder.

    • A forum in the Forums application

    • A person's profile in the Profiles application

    • A wiki in the Wikis application

    • A tag.

    Note: If you specified tag as the source parameter, do not provide a unique ID for a tag in this parameter; instead provide the tag value encoded for URL formatting.

    • A given response to content added by the authenticated user.

    The unique ID is defined in the <id> element for the Atom entry for the container. Each application defines Atom entry content and part of this content is the <id> element.


    Use this parameter to request stories in a different language than specified in the HTTP request. To specify the language, use one of the following formats:

    • Java™ format (e.g. en_IE, es_GT)

    • Dojo format (e.g. en-ie, es-gt)


    Page number. Specifies the page to be returned. The default is 1.


    Page size. Specifies the number of entries to return per page. The maximum number allowed is 100.



You can use the ps and page parameters together.

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