Forum moderation 

When moderation is enabled for Forums, the content that users add to forums does not display until it is approved by a designated moderator.

The moderator for Forums can review and manage forum topics before they are published and review forum topics that are already available. In addition, when forum content is flagged as inappropriate by forum users, a notification is sent to the moderator, who can then review the content and decide what action to take.

Your BM Connections administrator can specify whether moderation is managed by global moderators or by content owners. Users assigned the global moderator role can view and manage stand-alone forum content and community forum content from a centralized moderation interface that is available only to them. When owner moderation is enabled, community owners can moderate community forum content from the community moderation interface. For more information about moderating community forum content, see Moderating community content.

Owners of stand-alone forums must use the Forums moderation API to moderate forum content. For more information, see Moderating forum content programmatically.

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