Follow tags 

Follow tags that you are interested in so that you can receive the latest updates for the people or content with those tags.

About this task

Following tags is an easy way to get updates about the content and people that interest you. When you follow a tag, updates are sent directly to your Home page whenever any information related to the tags that you are following is added or changed. All you need to do is select News Feed -> Tags on the Updates tab to see the latest updates.

When you follow tags, you can see any news updates related to those tags that are public. This includes news updates from all the applications. Any tags added to your watchlist in Bookmarks are automatically added to the list of tags that you are following in the Home page.


  1. From the Updates tab, expand the News Feed twistie, and then select Tags.

  2. Do one of the following.

    • To check the latest updates for a tag that you are already following, click Filter by tag and select a tag from the list that displays. The latest updates related to the tag are displayed.

    • To follow a new tag, click Manage my tags, enter the tag in the Add a tag field, and click Add.

    • To remove a tag, click Manage my tags, and enter the tag in the Remove a tag field. Type-ahead predicts the tag that you are entering. When you see the tag that you want to remove, click to select it, and then click Remove.

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