Flag an entry as inappropriate 

If you encounter a blog entry that you consider inappropriate, you can flag the entry so that a reviewer can determine whether the entry should be removed from the blog. This feature must be enabled by your administrator.

About this task

Occasionally you might come across a blog entry with inappropriate or even illegal content. Any user can flag an entry as inappropriate. The blog owner or a designated reviewer is notified, reviews the entry, and then determines whether the entry should be removed or whether the flag should be dismissed.

Note: This feature is disabled by default. The option to flag inappropriate content is only available if your administrator enables it for your organization.

What is considered inappropriate is determined by the community standards for your blog. It will differ according to the intention of the blog as well as according to corporate guidelines. For example, a blog with a wide audience might have very strict guidelines about disclosing information related to product development, while another might support sharing information about product direction. Most blogs discourage profanity or personal attacks. If the guidelines are not clear, you might consider posting what is appropriate and what is not, so users understand the guidelines. If you are not clear on guidelines, ask your Blogs administrator.


  1. Click the name of a blog entry to open it.

  2. Click More Actions -> Flag as inappropriate.

  3. There might be a list that lets you categorize the issue you are reporting. The list is set up by your administrator to reflect concerns in your organization, so it might include categories such as "Inappropriate business content" or "Security risk."

What to do next

The blog administrator or designated reviewer is notified that the entry has been flagged so that they can take appropriate action.

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