Filtering activities and entries by tag 

To find a group of activities related to the same idea, project, industry, or other categorization, filter your activities by tag. You can filter the entries in a single activity by tag as well.

About this task

Tagging entries and activities allows you to create virtual folders that you can later navigate. All of the tags in your activities, those created by you and by others, are displayed in a tag collection. You can choose to display the tags in the collection as a cloud or a list. The tag cloud displays the more frequently used tag terms in bold face, large font. The tag list displays the most frequently used tag terms at the top of the list.

Tag browsing not only helps you find the information that you tagged; it also lets you discover similarly tagged information contributed by other activity members. After you learn which members have contributed information in your area of interest, you can browse by person to discover what other information these people have posted.

Both the tag cloud and tag list display a set of the most popular tags only. The tag list displays the 10 most popular tags. The tag cloud displays up to 50 tags.

Do one of the following:

Both from an activity view and from within a single activity, you can search for a specific tag. Click Find a tag, enter the tag name in the search field, and then click the search icon. You might want to do this if, for example, you are using a tag list or the tag cloud is so large that only a subset of the tags are displayed in it, and the tag you are interested in is not one of them.

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