Files CMIS object types 

These are the CMIS object types that can show in repositories exposed in the Files CMIS API.

Table 1. Document types

Type Description
cmis:document A document
snx:file A file in the social file sharing system
snx:itemComment A brief plain-text comment about an item
snx:fileRemoved A file in the social file sharing system that has been moved to trash storage

Table 2. Folder types

Type Description
cmis:folder A folder
snx:root The root object in the repository
snx:files A container for user-contributed files
snx:collections A container for user-contributed folders
snx:collection A container that can organize files
snx:comments A container for comments about a specific file
snx:commentsRoot A container for all comments about files in the system
snx:virtual Content shows in this folder based on system managed criteria

Table 3. Relationship types

Type Description
cmis:relationship An explicit, binary, directional, noninvasive, and typed relationship between a source and target object
snx:itemCommentsRelationship Relates a file to the container that contains its comments

Table 4. Policy types

Type Description
cmis:policy An administrative policy that can be enforced by a repository
snx:policy An administrative constraint to monitor system usage

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