Files CMIS API extensions: Media types 

The Files CMIS API provides media types for a download history document and a recommendations document. It also uses some existing media types.

Table 1. New media types

Description Media type
Files CMIS download history document application/lotuscmisdownloadhistory+xml
Files CMIS recommendations document application/lotuscmisrecommendations+xml

Table 2. Existing media types

Description Media type
CMIS Query document application/cmisquery+xml
CMIS AllowableActions document application/cmisallowableactions+xml
Atom Document (Entry or Feed) with any CMIS Markup application/cmisatom+xml
Atom Feed Document with CMIS Hierarchy extensions application/cmistree+xml
CMIS ACL Document application/cmisacl+xml
AtomPub Service application/atomsvc+xml
Atom Entry application/atom+xml;type=entry
Atom Feed application/atom+xml;type=feed

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