Files CMIS API extensions: Atom and CMIS element extensions 

The Files CMIS API provides the following extension elements for use in CMIS responses.
Element Description
lcmis:viaResource Extends an Atom Feed document, includes the cmisra:object element representing the CMIS resource from whom this feed is derived.
lcmis:feature Extends a CMIS object type definition to advertise that a type supports a specific feature extension denoted by the elements key attribute
lcmis:email Contains the email for an associated identity
lcmis:displayName Contains the display name for an associated identity
lcmis:downloadHistory Contains the download history for a single resource
lcmis:repositoryType Extends a CMIS service document to identity the type of repository (for example, personalFiles, communityFiles, communityOwnedFiles)
lcmis:grantorPrincipalId Contains information about the user that granted access rights to another user on a resource, if known

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Files CMIS API extensions