File field 

Defines how a file field is represented as in Atom format.

To create an entry with one or more file attachments, use a multipart post method to post the file or files. The HTTP response represents the multipart post as an activity node of type entry that contains an <snx:field> element of type file. For example:


An <snx:field> element of type="file" contains an Atom <link> element that specifies the location of the file attachment as its child element.

Table 1. Child element of the <snx:field type="file"> element

Element How treated on input Description
<link> Required when updating, not creating. Specifies the URI from which the file attachment can be accessed. When you create a file field, send a post request and an attachment. When you update an existing file attachment, specify the URI of the file using the link element.

The <link> element is in the Atom namespace.


<snx:field name="resume" fid="71BGC0A8022BB7E3649288E5203A4700008B" position="7000" type="file"> <link type="text/plain" href="http://localhost:8080/oa.web.coreui/service/download/ D58GC0A8022BB7E3649288E5203A4700008C/oldresume.txt" size="20" /> </snx:field> <snx:field name="resume" fid="6A7GC0A8022BB7E3649288E5203A47000097" position="8000" type="file"> <link type="text/plain" href="http://localhost:8080/oa.web.coreui/service/download/ EDEGC0A8022BB7E3649288E5203A47000098/newresume.txt" size="20" /> </snx:field>

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