Export contact details 

Export a person's vCard to add them as a new contact to your address book.

About this task

A virtual card (vCard) is a file that stores basic contact information for a user, following the Internet Mail Consortium specification. You can add new contacts by using your email system to import vCard files. You can also download the vCard from the Profiles business card.

When you download a vCard, you need to select the character encoding option that is appropriate for your address book reader. The default option is Internationalized (UTF-8), which is suitable for users of IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft™ Outlook. However, you might need to select a different encoding if your email client is Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Windows™ Address Book.


To save a colleague's vCard to your personal records, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the profile page for the person who you want to add as a contact.

  2. Click Download vCard.

  3. Select the character encoding that you want to use.

  4. Click Download to save the person's vCard to a specified location.

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