Enable logging for the portlets 

OPTIONAL: In order to diagnose and resolve errors that occur with the IBM Connections Portlets, enable logging.

About this task

When you configure WebSphere Portal to write the trace and message logging for the Connections portlets, the messages are logged in the trace.log. The file is updated when an error occurs or if trace logs are created. The file is created in the following directory: <portal_server_root>\log. You can enable tracing for each portlet separately. The log classes used for the portlets are as follows:

    Activities portlet:

    • com.ibm.lconn.activities.detail

    • com.ibm.lconn.activities.service

    • com.ibm.lconn.profiles.service

    • com.ibm.lconn.common

    Blogs portlet:

    • com.ibm.lconn.blog.detail

    • com.ibm.lconn.blog.service

    • com.ibm.lconn.profiles.service

    • com.ibm.lconn.common

    Bookmarks portlet:

    • com.ibm.lconn.dogear.detail

    • com.ibm.lconn.dogear.service

    • com.ibm.lconn.common

    Profiles portlet:

    • com.ibm.lconn.profiles.service

    • com.ibm.lconn.common

    Tags portlet:

    • com.ibm.lconn.tagsi.service

    • com.ibm.lconn.common

    My Wikis portlet:

    • com.ibm.lconn.wiki=finest

    • com.ibm.lconn.common=finest

You can specify the following log levels: info, fine, finer, finest. To enable logging for one or more of the Connections portlets, do the following:


  1. Log into WebSphere Portal as the Administrator

  2. Navigate to Administration -> Portal Analysis -> Enable Tracing .

  3. In the Append these trace settings field, specify the log level for the desired log class and click the add button (+):

      For example, com.ibm.lconn.activities.summary=fine

  4. Repeat step 3 for each log class that you want to log.

  5. Log out of portal and log back in.


For example, if you wanted to enable the finest log level for the Activities Detail portlet, you would add these three logging settings:

If you wanted to enable the fine log level for the Bookmarks Summary portlets, you would add these logging settings:

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