Edit activity tags 

You can edit the tags of an activity or an activity entry to modify them. You can also add and remove tags.

Before you begin

You can assign tags to an activity or entry when you first create it or you can edit the tags later by editing the activity or entry. Owners can assign tags to an activity and any of its entries; owners can also edit and delete all tags. Authors can assign tags to their own entries only, and can later edit them; they cannot edit or delete activity-level tags. Readers cannot edit tags.

About this task

You might want to edit a tag to make it more consistent with other tags. For example, if you use the tag report for some entries in an activity, but you use the plural form, reports for other entries in the activity, you might want to remove the s from the second variation so that all of your tags are consistent.


  1. Do one of the following:

    • To edit tags associated with an activity, from the Activities tab, click More beside the activity title, and then click Edit.

    • To edit the tags associated with an entry, open the activity that contains the entry, click the entry title to expand it, and then click Edit.

      Only an owner of the activity can edit the activity. Only an owner of the activity or the person who created the entry can edit an entry.

  2. Edit the tags listed in the Tags field. Type a comma between multiple tags. To delete a tag, remove it from the field.

  3. Click Save to save your changes.

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