Disable profiles in custom libraries 

You might want to disable profiles in custom libraries in environments where many users do not have email addresses, or where many ECM email addresses do not match profiles email addresses.

About this task

Profiles are enabled in custom libraries by default. Profile card information displays for users with an ECM email address matching the email address of a valid user in IBM Connections profiles. Profile card information will not display for users without email addresses, or without matching email addresses. If your environment has many users without email addresses, or matching email addresses, you might want to disable profiles in custom libraries.

Note: It is more likely that ECM and profiles email addresses will match in environments that use single sign-on (SSO).


To disable profiles in custom libraries, perform the following steps:

  1. On the IBM Connections server, navigate to the config.js JSON file at the following location:

      app_server_root>\profiles\profile_root>\installedApps\<node_name>\News.ear\q kr.lw.war\WEB-INF\pages\js\config.js

      where <app_server_root> is the IBM WAS installation directory, <profile_name> is the name of the profile on which the application is installed or the profile name of the deployment manager, and <node_name> is the IBM WAS node name.

  2. Open the config.js file in an editor and find the features section:

      features: {
         displayPersonCard: true,
         displayPersonCardMediaGallery: true,
         roundTripEdit: true,
         downloadThruProxy: true

  3. Change the displayPersonCard value from true to false.

  4. Save and close the config.js file.

  5. Restart the IBM Connections server.

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