Disable Wikis metrics collection 

By default metrics are collected for Wikis. You can disable metrics collection in the wikis-config.xml properties file.

Before you begin

To edit configuration files, use the IBM WAS wsadmin client. See Starting the wsadmin client for information about how to start the wsadmin command-line tool.

About this task

For Wikis, a set of metrics is collected once per day and stored in one row in the database. Metric data only requires a few kilobytes of space, so in most cases there is no need to disable metric collection. You might want to disable metrics if collecting them affects performance. But if you disable metric collection there is no way to retrieve data from the days on which it was disabled.


  1. Start the wsadmin client.

  2. Start the Wikis Jython script interpreter.

    1. Access the Wikis configuration files:


        If you are asked to select a server, you can select any server.

    2. Check out the Wikis configuration files using the following command:

        WikisConfigService.checkOutConfig("<working_directory>", "<cell_name>")


        • <working_directory> is the temporary working directory to which the configuration XML and XSD files are copied. The files are kept in this working directory while you make changes to them.

            Note: AIX and Linux™ only: The directory must grant write permissions or the command will not run successfully.

        • <cell_name> is the name of the WAS cell hosting the IBM Connections application. This argument is required. If you do not know the cell name, you can determine it by typing the following command in the wsadmin command processor:

            print AdminControl.getCell()

        For example:

        WikisConfigService.checkOutConfig("/opt/my_temp_dir", "CommServerNode01Cell")

  3. Optional: To view the current configuration settings use the following command:


  4. To set the scheduledTasks.MetricsDailyCollection.enabled property to false, use the following command:

      WikisConfigService.updateConfig("scheduledTasks.MetricsDailyCollection.enabled", "false")

  5. You must check the configuration files back in after making changes, and they must be checked in during the same wsadmin session in which they were checked out for the changes to take effect. See the topic Apply Wikis property changes for details.

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