Determining whether email addresses are hidden 

You can use the serviceconfigs API to find out whether a server has been configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed.

About this task

If email addresses are hidden, the <email> element is not supported as a means of identifying users. The <snx:userid> element is used instead. If you have an existing application that identifies users by email address and it will be used in an environment in which IBM Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed, update the application to identify users by user ID instead.

The API accepts user IDs as inputs and outputs the <snx:userid> element in both configurations. Therefore, if your application identifies people by their user IDs, the application does not need to check this setting. If your application identifies people by their email addresses, you only need to update the application if you want it to work in this new configuration.

To programmatically determine whether email addresses are prevented from being displayed...


  1. Access the /serviceconfigs resource to retrieve configuration information for the server.

  2. Look for the <category> element with a scheme attribute that has the following value:


  3. Check the value of the term attribute. The possible value are as follows:

    • term="email-exposed"

    • term="email-hidden"

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