Delete the index 

From time to time, you might need to delete and rebuild the Search index. For example, if you change the context root of one of the IBM Connections applications, you then need to rebuild the index by deleting the current index. The index is automatically rebuilt the next time the indexing task runs.


To delete the Search index...

  1. Check the value of the SEARCH_INDEX_DIR WAS variable for the relevant server...

    1. Launch the WAS admin console.

    2. Select Environment -> WebSphere variables.

    3. Click the Show filter function icon.

    4. Ensure that WebSphere Variables displays in the Filter dropdown menu.

    5. Enter SEARCH_INDEX_DIR into the Search term(s) text box and click Go.

        A variable called SEARCH_INDEX_DIR displays in the search results. Take a note of the value of this variable as the index location for the relevant server.

  2. Shut down the Search server or cluster.

  3. Delete the contents of the index folder that you noted in step 1e.

  4. Rebuild the index by following the steps described in Create an initial or new search index.

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