Delete an entry 

You can delete an entry to remove it from an activity. A deleted entry is moved to the trash view for the activity. You can restore the entry, but restore it before the administrator permanently deletes it by emptying the trash.

Before you begin

Authors can delete their own entries only. Owners can delete any entry.

About this task

To delete an entry...


  1. Open an activity, and then scroll to the entry that you want to delete.

  2. Click More Actions -> Delete.

      Note: If you cannot see the More Actions link, your view may be collapsed. Click the entry title to expand the entry.

  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.


To restore an entry, open the activity from which you removed it. From the navigation pane, click Trash to open the Trash view. Find the entry, click its title to expand it, and then click Restore.

Note: Only an activity owner or the entry author can restore a deleted entry. If you are not an activity owner nor the entry author, you will not see the Restore link.

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