Define a list of supported Lotus Quickr servers 

After you configure the Activities server to allow file attachments to be published to IBM Lotus Quickr , provide a list of the supported Lotus Quickr servers to the proxy server, so that it honors any requests made for access to one of the supported Lotus Quickr servers.

Before you begin

You must have Lotus Quickr deployed in your enterprise before you can perform this procedure. You must have administrative access to the WAS to which Activities is installed.

About this task

This is an optional task. Perform this task if you want users to be able to publish files that have been attached to activity entries from Activities to a Lotus Quickr library.


  1. Go to the WAS admin console for the server hosting the deployment manager.

  2. Expand Resources -> Resource Environment, and then click Resource Environment Providers.

  3. Click QuickrWhitelistProvider from the list, and then click Custom properties.

  4. Create one custom property for each Lotus Quickr server that you want to enable users to publish documents to. To create a custom property, enter values in the following fields:

      Note: If you upgraded a stand-alone deployment which was already configured to integrate with Lotus Quickr to a network deployment, recreate these custom properties for the provider on the cluster's cell. The custom properties must be redefined because they are lost when you federate the node into a cluster.


        Create a property name that begins with the term allow. For example:


        Specify the fully qualified domain name of the Lotus Quickr server or its IP address. Do not specify the protocol, nor any port numbers.

        To enable users to publish files to several servers within a specific domain, specify the parent domain in this field. You must start the string with a period (.). For example, if you were to specify, the proxy would allow the file to be published to all of the servers that are available from subdomains of If you want users to be able to type in a server that is hosted within this domain, set the allowCustomServers attribute of the <PublishFile> element to true in the oa-config.xml file.

        Important: The provider does not convert IP addresses to domain names nor the other way around. If the server is requested using both identifiers, create two properties: one property that specifies the domain name in the value field and one that specifies the IP address in the value field.

  5. Repeat the previous step multiple times to add every server that you defined in the oa-config.xml file when you performed the previous procedure: Enable users to publish file attachments to Lotus Quickr.

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