Define a foreign bus on an application server 

Create a foreign bus from each of the application servers to the news repository server. This bus represents the physical bus for the news repository.

Before you begin

You can follow the steps listed below to create a foreign bus using the WAS Integrated Solutions Console. Alternatively, you can use the wsadmin tool. For more information on creating a foreign bus using the wsadmin tool, go to the following web page:

About this task

Defining a foreign bus on each application server allows the application bus to address destinations on the news repository bus.

Important: When defining a foreign bus, give it the same name as the target bus that it represents.

To define a foreign bus on one of the application servers...


  1. Log in to the WAS admin console for the server on which you are going to define the foreign bus.

  2. Select Service Integration -> Buses.

  3. Select the bus defined for the application server.

  4. In the content pane under Topology, click Foreign Buses.

  5. Click New.

  6. Enter the name of the foreign bus. This name must match the name of the bus used by the news repository that you recorded in the Preparing to create bus links topic.

  7. Leave the remaining options unchanged and click Next.

  8. Click Next again.

  9. Enter the user ID for the connectionsAdmin alias in the Inbound user ID and Outbound user ID fields and then click Next.

  10. Click Finish.

  11. Save your changes to the master configuration.

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