Define a SIBus link on an application server 

After defining the foreign buses, you need to create the SIBus link that handles the communication between the buses. This needs to be completed on both sides – the News repository server side and the application server side. Start by creating the link on the application server.

About this task

To create a SIBus link on an application server...


  1. Log in to the WAS Integrated Solutions Console for the server on which you are going to define the SIBus link.

  2. Select Service Integration -> Buses, and then select the bus that corresponds to the server hosting the application.

  3. In the content pane under Topology, click Messaging Engines.

  4. Select the messaging engine.

      There should be only one messaging engine listed.

  5. Under Additional Properties, click Service integration bus links.

  6. Click New.

  7. Enter a unique name for the link. Define it as the name of the application and News repository servers using the following format:


      For example:


  8. Select the name of the foreign bus representing the News repository server from the Foreign bus name drop-down list.

      For example: Connections_NewsServer_Bus.

  9. Enter the name of the messaging engine on the News repository server that you recorded in the Preparing to create bus links topic.

  10. Enter InboundSecureMessaging in the Target inbound transport chain field.

  11. In the Bootstrap endpoints field, specify the following:

      <hostname>:<SIB endpoint port>:BootstrapSecureMessaging 

      where <hostname> and <SIB endpoint port> are the values for the news repository server that you recorded in the Preparing to create bus links topic.

      For example:

  12. Under Authentication Alias, select connectionsAdmin.

  13. Click OK.

  14. Save your changes to the master configuration.

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