Customize the login page 

Customize the login pages in IBM Connections to have the appropriate style and content for your organization.

About this task

You can change the appearance of the IBM Connections login pages to meet your organization's needs. For example, you might want to replace the Lotus logo that is displayed on the login pages with your own company logo. Or you might want to include introductory text that is specific to your deployment.


  1. Copy the login.jsp file from the WAR file of one of the applications. You can access the file from the following directory:



      • <WAS_home> is the directory to which you installed IBM WAS

      • <profile_name> is the profile to which you installed one of the IBM Connections applications

      • <cell_name> is the cell to which you installed the application

      • <application_name.ear> is the EAR file name for the application

      • <application_name.war> is one of the following files names:

        • Activities: oawebui.war

        • Blogs: blogs.war

        • Bookmarks: dogear.webui.war

        • Communities: comm.web.war

        • Files: qkr.share.files.war

        • Forums: forum.web.war

        • Home page: homepage.war

        • News: news.web.war

        • Profiles:

        • Search: search.war

        • Wikis:

      The login.jsp file is the same for each application. You only need to make a copy of one instance of the file.

  2. Paste the file into the appropriate subdirectory of the customization directory.

    • To use the same login page for all of the applications, you would copy it into the common directory:


    • If you want to create a different login page per application, copy the file into the appropriate subdirectory for each application. See Customize the user interface for more details.

  3. Edit the login.jsp file or files to contain the information you want.

      Note: For information on how to replace the logo on the login page, refer to the steps covered in Customize the navigation bar.

  4. Save and close the login page.

  5. To test your changes, log out of the product. Refresh the web browser, and then go to a login page.

  6. See Customize the user interface for details on how to apply your changes permanently.

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