Customize email digests 

You can customize the email message that is sent to users as part of the daily and weekly email digests.

About this task

The content of the daily and weekly email digests is defined in templates that are processed by the FreeMarker engine. These templates are used for each recipient of the daily or weekly email digest. You can customize the content of the email digests by modifying the existing template files or by replacing the files with custom templates that you create yourself. You can also modify the notification properties files to add custom strings to the email digests and modify the images used in email digests.

The property named emailDigestBean is passed to the daily and weekly email digest templates. This property stores information about the digest that is related to email digest recipient. It is an instance of the class IEmailDigestStoriesContainer. For more information about the IEmailDigestStoriesContainer class, refer to the following web page: IBM_Connections_3.0.1_Email_Digest

Note: The steps below must be performed on the dmgr profile.


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