Create entry templates 

If you designed an entry that you would like to reuse, save the entry as an entry template.

About this task

An entry template is a prototype of an entry. You can create a template, and then use it to create multiple custom entries. Entry templates are available within the activity in which they were created only; they are not shared across activities.

To create an entry template...


  1. Create an entry to serve as the model for the template. Add all the fields that you want to add and rename them as appropriate.

      See How do I add an entry? for more information about how to create an entry.

  2. Save the entry.

  3. Find the created entry, and then click More Actions -> Save as Entry Template.

      If you do not see the More Actions link, the entry may be collapsed. Click the entry title to expand it.

  4. Type a name into the Name field. For example, Status report.

  5. If you want to associate an icon with the template and any entries created from it, click an icon.

  6. Click Save to create the template, and then click Close to close the confirmation message box that is displayed.

  7. To use the new entry template, click Add from Entry Template -> Add <entry template name>.

      where <entry template name> is the name of the entry template that you created. For example, Add Status report.

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Work with entry templates

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